Friday, April 4, 2014

Heel The World- why our stuff are so 'dear'

After watching the CNN interview it occurred to me that I did not justify the price of our shoes properly and that others might also struggle to defend/understand the price so I have come up with the official answer for the price.

Handmade, bespoke from Africa
Acquired taste

Economics-Things are called expensive when someone doesn't have he resources for it. If it is financial reasons then we pray people get better-paying jobs to afford our products. We all deserve the finest things in life.

Perception/value- Money in itself has no value, it is just the means by which we put a number to qualify how much we really care for a product or service. People who think that because it is from Ghana means it should be cheaper are implying that Ghanaians are not good enough or capable of competing on a world-class basis. This is discriminatory if coming from an outsider, but even more blasphemous if coming from a Ghanaian.

Handmade and bespoke from Africa- In an ever-changing world where people use microwaves to cook because of a lack of time, we should be ever so grateful that these seasoned craftsmen take their time to create these custom-tailored masterpieces by hand to suit one individual's innermost desires. Every single hole, stitch, crease..all 250 steps to make a shoe...done by hand. Despite all the 'challenges' of being in Africa, look at the masterpiece in front of you. 

Acquired taste - Take a look at the products again. Are they beautifully designed? Are they well crafted? Not everyone understands or appreciates art, and we don't expect them to. You either appreciate world-class craftsmanship from Africa, or you don't. Some people are also late bloomers/take a while to buy-in and that's fine.
We just hope that by the time they have caught up, we will still be in reach.

'HTW's price is dear because it is dear to those who make it, and to those who buy it,'- VR

Rise. Step forward. And Heel The World.