Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sedzro told me I had something to say

cough cough...let me clear my throat...Hello world.
My name is Fred..Mawuli..Deegbe..please say the Deegbe...I started this blog because my Sedzro told me that I was supposed to..that I am supposed to speak...I know it might seem a simple ..maybe even simplistic reason to start a blog ..but I will tell you why I decided to take his advise ...I will tell you now..haha..this is not a (insert famous author who writes long big fat books) name is just a guy called Fred who says what he sees and what he thinks..take it..or leave it...

So anyways Sedzro..last week..while we stood infront of a family friends residence..she was celebrating her 60th birthday..what a wonderful full life..we were awed by the fleet of cars parked for a mile on both sides of the road outside her house...this is the conversation that ensued

Fred: i have to go..look at all this money..look at this big you know how hard they worked to get all this? I gotta go ..i got s*it to do
Sedzro: Dude don't look at them..just do your thing...infact you should even just talk..and get paid to talk
Fred: Pssssh...paid to talk..what have I done..look at the car I drive...
Sedzro: Fred...when you talk..people listen..and after you are done talking and you walk boldly to your raggedy ass KIA..nobody is going to care because you are so much bigger than your Kia..
Sedzro: you have something to say...
Fred: hmmm....

One week later his words are still echoing in my ear..and everyday that has passed since I have seen things..been through things that have taken my breath away...made me pause..backtrack...step up..wonder..and I don't know if it is because of my religious parents ..or the audiobooks Jeffrey gave me..or Jeffrey himself..or the movies I watched...but..I ...see things differently...
all I see are possibilities...
of what can be..cats waiting to be tigers...boys...waiting to be bosses...slaves of the system..waiting to be masters of their destiny...

This is my first post I will end here by saying..
When I stop and see all the problems..all the work ahead..i laugh to myself..and when I realise I am in public..and people can see me looking crazier than Rick James..i catch my self

...and then i get on with it..because there is work to be done

talk to you tomorrow


  1. Welcome to the blog sphere. Looking forward to your words.

  2. apt...and comical too... watching this space... yep i bookmarked your blog!! heck, i'd even subscribe...rss feeds and all.

    i'm not unknown... I'm AM-ABLE