Monday, April 1, 2013


I met up with some friends recently..impromptu..thought it would be one or two..but it turned out to be 8 girls..and I was the only guy..It was a birthday lunch at a popular restaurant in East Legon. The food was late, orders were wrong, the waitress had an attitude and a locally aquired foreign accent which she says she had picked up from one of the girls at the table(who happens to be a very popular radio show hostess)…all in all it was fun

I do not enjoy being in the midst of so many ladies..not my forte..and on any other occasion I would have left within an hour. However I decided to embrace this time with the ladies, I even openly hugged one of them in the middle of the whole thing. I pulled an Oprah/token gay male friend..but anyways these girls are all working women…approaching 30..interested in shoes..weddings..marraige and having babies..I did not participate much in that part of the conversation but my friend likes to tease me and call me a celebrity and then proceed to tell people about the stuff I do. Around this same time everybody started moaning about work the next day and the tone of the conversation changed

Everybody agreed that the money they were being paid wasn’t enough, that the system sucked, that they are undervalued and frustrated at work…then they went on to talk about some great Ghanaian entrepreneur stories..Beige Capital..The Boateng Brothers of Global Media Alliance and the most loved of all local entrepneurs Prince Kofi Amoabeng.

The ladies spoke in admiration of the bold steps these people had taken and how they were fairing now. One girl lamented, ‘Sometimes I look at all the work I do and I think to myself I want to quit and do my own thing…’ but I don’t know what to do.
One of the ladies spoke about how successful a father of her friend was – ‘He has shares everywhere-oil, roads, mining, palm wine…’ We laughed…she continued ,’but he started off as a trotro driver and his wife was his mate’

Pause ..
Pause again…

So many things went through my head at that time..too many to put in words…but by the time we settled the bill my mind went back into work mode..I got home to find my cousin who was home for the holidays from school. He had his report card-a variety of alphabets thrown all over the paper and my mom had not taken it lightly. When I left the house this morning she had ‘encouraged’ him (African mother style) to study. 11 hours later I got back and he was at the same position...head in the books..looking like Django..chained

I asked him ..Jaheim(fake name) …do you give a shi@? I would say crap but I know you say shi@ and I do too so let’s not fake it. Do you give a shi@ about your education/grades?
As the average, normal,decent 15 year old would respond he said ‘Yes’ and went on to regurgitate more jargons for me ‘education is the key to life and success’

I left him, telling him we would talk tomorrow morning but as I sit behind my PC I have to ask…


Looking at the waiter, the bevy of birthday girls, my cousin, the entrepeneurs they spoke about I cannot judge or answer for them…

But I know their answer will determine success or failure in their lives.

The problem..with most of our short-sightedness..but I have to go please remind me to talk about our short sightedness


  1. hmmmmm... thought provoking.

  2. Very good post! On to part two now...