Saturday, April 6, 2013

STATE OF THE NATION ADDRESS:small talk for small star

I wrote this 2 years ago..and in the midst of people complaining about the 'light off' and 'heat' situation I thought I would re-echo my words..

tired of the excuses
tired of the subconscious racism
tired of settling for less
Ghana/Africa why we so poor when we so blessed
we complain about our jobs and our bosses
and drag our feet at work so company's making losses
why dont we say what we need to say when we need to say it
what we afraid of?why are we so afraid?
want to go to heaven but we don't want to die
 want to achieve and be wealthy but you dont want to work hard
iphone ipad ipod itouch
idont think he did that overnight
Steve Jobs is dead
but his Apple is alive..think about it
why dont we take a bite out of His apple like the logo
think different act different switch up the flow yo
want to serve the nation but dont want to do national service
because u study engineering in Tech and end up customer service in a bank..thats a disservice
so then we want to go to school in 'yankey'or 'london' and then work there and get the dollars and drive the nice foreign whips
and complain about how hot and crappy the country is..
who is supposed to fix it?
not the old folks? the politicians? the pastors? the expatriates?the kenkey seller?
if not WE then who?
if not YOU then who?
if not ME then who?
Fuming right now at how 'we' think..because it guides how we act
always want handouts from the Americans or sign 3 billion dollar loan deals with Chinese
do you know even if we pay these people back with interest we STILL owe them?
oil in OUR country but we about to give it away...
Lebanese and Indians in they are not wicked ruthless how well they treat eachother and treat their families...
but they understand that work is work and have deeeeep consumer insight on the Ghanaians attitude to they keep their workers on a tight leash because we take advantage of friendship and kindness and cripple our own businesses...
how many times have you heard of money/business spoiling friendship amongst our people? we do not respect hard work and do not understand that providing a product or a service is the easy part, but building a brand-a positive mental perception-a name is something else.
What the heck does the average Ghanaian care about a brand for? where is your pride? all we think about is where the money at? 
taxi driver asks you to please get out his cab so he can pick up the white dude across the street 
all we do is consume..or at best do our 'fitters'
 mechanic for 30 years and you have never tried to create 1 car?
because it is is dont have money
everyday...'it is in God's hands'
all night ..praise and worship..morning devotion..speaking in tongues..
God can hear you...but are you listening to Him?
He gave us dominion over the earth...and free will...
small talk for small minds
Everyday saying 'i love ghana i love ghana' when the black stars score a goal
do you know how hard you have to work to be a Black Star?
do you know you are a Black Star?
and by the way do you know the meaning of LOVE?
it means means means sweat...
what are you sweating for?
when you wake up and put on that tie you hate to get to work..what are you sweating for?
money? if money then be a mercenary it pays well
if impact then be a Black Star..and shine wherever you are
a cedi  in my pocket ..a dream in my in my heart..and time( aka youth aka energy ) on my side
independent since 1957..on paper..
but we are STILL dependent ..mentally and on paper
Freeedom Freeeedom Freeedom..thats what Kwame Nkrumah fought for..and what did we do with it??
2011 Ghana..wake the f*^k up...
because you are being buried alive at the moment

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