Friday, May 10, 2013

Everything is where it is supposed to be.

I often look back at the first 22 years of my life with a tinge of regret. I ask myself..what was I doing? Dang it! Like I woke up..went to etc..followed societal norms of a teenager etc but what was I doing? I don’t dwell too hard on it because I do not have many remarkable stories to tell from that era. Well there was that one time I was 16 and got into an altercation with a police officer at a school party…he was searching everybody for a stolen camera and I thought he was searching a bit too…’passionatley’ and I shoved him out of the way…5 fingers have not met a face so fast…basically he slapped me…At the time I lost it and …sigh..

Now I think about it I wonder what a foolish, obnoxious kid I was..I think about how I disrespected this man..who was probably a husband, a father, a hustler..a dude tryna pay his bills…sigh
Even now as I approach 30 I look back in recent years and wonder what was I doing when I was working in the corporate world. What was I really doing? Hmm…it kind of saddens me but this morning I spoke to Papa Tumi and I felt a little better. Papa is a decade younger than me..almost..but I am shy to call him my little brother.  He is smaller in build, and younger but that would demean him. To me, Papa is well on his way to making a significant difference in the world, whichever industry he finds himself in. Ramzi Yamusah is another guy…another guy altogether. Whenever I meet up with them it is refreshing to know that there are some people who care enough about the state of things, and are pacing themselves at this fundamental stage to change the way things are done in the world. These boys are not my ‘little brothers’ or ‘nephews’ (Snoop Dogg accent)

Papa told me it was ok to be where I am now..that I am supposed to be there..infact Papa said ‘ The person who has a false start runs harder than those ahead of him,’

I interpreted my current situation as a one that ‘enabled me to relate to the niggas on the street..and the suits on wall street,’

Wherever you are is wherever you are supposed to be. Make the most out of it.

Shout out to my classmates who were ahead of their time mentally…Seiwaa Opare , Nana Menya, Mo Fattal, Dr. Kaku Kermah, Dr. Naomi Adjepong

Shout out to all young future leaders Papa, Ramzi ,Sangu ,John Armah wherever you are.

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